CogNETive offers a variety of market and research services for both online, and bricks and mortar environments. These include:

Perception Pipette
Professional qualitative services that are competently designed and executed to gather information and elicit feelings, motivations, and perceptions that drive attitudes and behaviours.

Professional surveys that are competently designed and executed to result in a concise knowledge-based report that encourages action. SURVEYforté can be applied to existing customers, dealers, or representative, as well as customised sample profiles. Website visitor studies are a speciality.
Staff Opinion
Usage and Attitude
Tracking and Benchmarking
Branding & Loyalty
Pricing Studies
Advertising Effectiveness

CATI Lite+
Lean telephone interviewing combined with the richness of web-based surveys. A clever methodology that provides the safest, most cost effective step towards internet research.

Surfer Converter
World leading tools and expertise to understand and convert website visitors into customers. Clickmapping to know customers by their behaviour NOT their opinion.

Moderated email groups. The most efficient and cost effective way to scope an issue and associated opinion, especially from hard-to-access people.

A suite of leading edge methodologies that use mobile devices and the Internet. Exciting new ways to tap into people and how they relate to their location.

CogNETive can take you through the research process from the formulation of the initial brief through execution to final reporting and recommendations.

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