Survey Privacy Policy Statement for CogNETive Pty Ltd

We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for our online surveys and panel activities.

CogNETive Pty Ltd would like to thank all Respondents taking part in their confidential Market Research Surveys. We do not try to sell or promote anything in our surveys. Our surveys are marketing research surveys using scientific methods. In obtaining Respondent's cooperation, we will not mislead Respondents about the nature of the research or the use that will be made of the findings.

The answers given to our surveys will be treated as Confidential unless the Respondent has given consent to the contrary. In the relatively few instances where CogNETive Pty Ltd asks for permission to pass data on in a form which allows the Respondent to be personally identified, we endeavour to ensure that the information will be used only for the purpose stated. We will not send Respondents unsolicited mail or pass on Respondent e-mail addresses to others for this purpose. If we want to send you future e-mail, we will ask your explicit permission for this. All information will be used for research purposes only. If we receive a list from a client in order to conduct their study, we have assumed that prior consent was given to the client and take no responsibility. The client list will only be used for the intended study. No information will be used for subsequent non-research purposes such as direct marketing, list-building, credit rating, fund-raising or other marketing activities.

As with all forms of marketing and opinion research, Respondent co-operation is voluntary at all times. No personal information is sought from or about the Respondent, without prior knowledge and agreement. Respondents are entitled at any stage of the survey, or subsequently, to ask that part or all of the record of the interview be destroyed or deleted by emailing with the appropriate survey code or identification. Wherever reasonable and practical, CogNETive Pty Ltd will carry out such a request. Our online surveys may ask visitors for contact information and demographic information and this information is used to contact them when necessary. Users may opt-out of surveys.

Where surveys contain links to other sites. CogNETive Pty Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices and/or the content of such Web sites. This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. These measures may include passwords, and other security measures to guarantee the privacy of Respondents. Only authorised employees and contractors have access to the information Respondent's provide to us. They have access only for data analysis and quality control purposes.

Our surveys provide the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from CogNETive Pty Ltd or altering their details by providing the ability of deleting their accounts. This site gives users the ability to remove their information from our database, to not receive future communications, or to no longer receive our service. All this is done by sending us email to and include the survey code or identification.

This Survey Privacy Policy includes all the issues raised in our main Privacy Statement. We encourage you to also read this document.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement and/or the practices of this survey, you can contact CogNETive Pty Ltd at or +61 (0)3 59414881 and please include the survey code or identification.

Privacy and ethics are important to CogNETive. We are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society ( and follow their code of conduct for market research. We are also members of the Australian Market and Social Research Organisation ( and abide by the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles (1st July 2007). We also adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice (

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